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If you missed my fundraising event here’s some coverage & video footage from StaffsLive…/great-britain-triathlete-jacqui-…/.     Huge thanks to everyone for attending, the evening was a great success & special thanks to all that have donated on my Gofundme link. It was such a pleasure to meet some new faces and of course have the support from family and friends.     Just a week to go until my adventure starts all over again don’t forget to follow my blog and twitter for regular updates. #‎europeancityofsport2016‬
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ITU World Cross Triathlon Championships – 4th place


Two very special people in the world of cross triathlon

Wow so that was it one of the biggest races of the year and with a blink of an eye I’m on the plane back home, it’s all over and time for a little reflection.

I’m happy with 4th place and when I look back in a few years I will be over joyed with that position how many people can really say I was 4th best in the world out of all the girls that raced on that day I was number 4 in the WORLD! However I didn’t have that dream performance we all look to achieve, the race its self went smooth with no issues, the build up was my best ever and I gave it my all, you can’t ask for more than that and I can reflect saying that I did everything I could, my time for the podium just wasn’t me too be.


b&jracing take their athletes for a dip

I think the most important thing is what I’ve learnt about myself over the last few months and how I’ve changed my mind-set to help me race better and cross the finish line satisfied with the way I performed regardless of the place.


a tidy transition

So where shall I start…

This year there has been lots of change for me especially in the last 2 months, I’ve started to want something more than just triathlon it’s got to the stage where triathlon only is just not fulfilling. I think it’s fair to say triathlon is a selfish lifestyle, I’ve spent the last 4 years focussing on myself & Ben, where to train, where to live how were are going to fund the next race and basically just doing what is best for us, luckily our family and friends understand and have supported our decisions from the beginning and I cant thank them enough for being so easy going. This last 12months I’ve felt empty as the realisation hits home that I’m never really going to make money from triathlon for as long I continue to push my body day in day out I’m not going to be able to save for my own house, have nice things or buy my own car it’s just not going to happen so it’s time to mix it up. I’ve always loved giving back and find it rewarding to share my experiences with others therefore coaching seemed like a great option. After only 2 months b&j racing have a fantastic team of athletes who add so much to my life just as we do to there’s. In starting this journey I’ve focussed on others rather than myself and it’s been brilliant I’ve loved every minute of meeting new people, learning what makes them tick and helping others achieve their personal goals and dreams. Of course I’m still going to race I love it way too much and I’m still giving it 100% to achieve that world champs podium but it’s not the be all and end all. What matters is that I continue to find ways to develop, improve and be in that happy place. When I say happy place this means surrounding myself with positive people, mixing with others and racing to the best of my ability not racing to win but crossing that finish line knowing I’ve done the best I can do on that particular day.


AMANZI girls always have more fun

Thanks to my family & friends for being supportive in whatever I choose to do and a huge shout out to Lesley Patterson & Simon Marshall for helping me find my happy place you guys are prepared to share you knowledge, advice and experiences to make others better, true champions and 2 very special people who we can all learn from.

Well that forth place has made me hungry for more and there is one final push to Xterra World Champs in Maui I cant wait to race and have another shot at achieving that dream race.

As always a massive thank you to all of my supporters and sponsors without you I would just not be where I am today. I’m loving it and can see so much more coming your way.  On Running, Liv/Giant Bikes, Flight Centre active travel, Xterra Wetsuits Australia, Amanzi Swimwear, Powerbar, Ryder Eyewear, Schwalbe, Scicon, Champions Systems Aus, Lurbel Performance apparel, Lake Crakenback, Ekoi, In2Adveture and Greepers

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