And just like that it’s over in the blink of an eye….

Flash back to November 19th 2016 ITU World Cross Champs, Australia and to be honest another disappointing performance from me with a 7th place finish and in need of sometime to reflect on my racing. After this I made a decision not to race for 6 months and to focus on our coaching business and our wedding. Of course I was still training and I was loving it, I finally feel settled here in Wollongong, I have wonderful friends, some super athletes that keep me on my toe’s and a gorgeous fiancé to share these moments with I am one happy gal. I thoroughly enjoyed planning our wedding and every week it came closer to our families uniting gave me so much excitement. It was hectic from the day I picked my maid of honour up from the airport until right now the 2nd April when I finally have some of my own time to write a blog.
Taking a little time to reflect on the last few months of training. Massive thanks to @livcycling_aus for providing me with the optimal equipment to perform at my best come race day, stoked to be riding the Liv Obsess 27.5 #xterraworldchampionship2016

Taking a little time to reflect on the last few months of training. Massive thanks to @livcycling_aus for providing me with the optimal equipment to perform at my best come race day, stoked to be riding the Liv Obsess 27.5

  As I didn’t plan to race any triathlon races before our wedding I flung myself into something new. The National Cross Country MTB series put me hugely out of my comfort zone in every way possible, every race made me more nervous than I’ve ever been before, it was new, I was out of my league, the course’s were technical and I wasn’t fully prepared to get my arse handed to me by crazy fast junior’s but wow once that start gun went you couldn’t get the smile off my face. It was fast, furious and whilst I only just scraped inside the top 10 on a couple of occasions I crossed the finish line like I had won the bloody race, there was so much satisfaction for doing my best that I was over whelmed by excitement and so proud of what I had accomplished. I am certainly hungry for more but my heart ultimately lies with off road triathlon. Overall I finished 12th in the national series which I thought was pretty good but room for improvement as always.
Maannn that hurt....exhausted but still smiling at the end of rounds 1 & 2 @mtbaust XCO. Hungry for more, keen to make improvements bring on rounds 3 & 4 @livcycling_aus #livbeyond

Maannn that hurt….exhausted but still smiling at the end of rounds 1 & 2 @mtbaust XCO. Hungry for more, keen to make improvements bring on rounds 3 & 4 @livcycling_aus #livbeyond

3 things I learnt from these race’s:  
  • If you want to be on the podium you have to nail the start but to do this you need to practice and be capable of pushing 700 watts out of the gate – not something you can learn in 6 weeks
  • You need to learn to race and to do this you have to race, take risks, step up and not be afraid to fail, it takes time and patience, you wont get better by saying “o il try this next time” – just get stuck in!
  • You don’t have to win to feel a sense of achievement, honestly I felt more elated after finishing one of these races than winning some triathlon race’s, I put this down to being so far out of my comfort zone.
  Wedding Time What can I say it was the best day/week/2 weeks of my life we had a ball from start to finish it was relaxed, romantic and everything I had hoped for. A massive shout out to our family and friends for helping put everything together each and everyone of you played a special part in making this day everything Ben and I hoped for. Official wedding photos to be released soon watch this space…         17741354_10158539701015594_2132569843_n       What’s next So many exciting things happening for b&jracing we have the best sponsors whom continue to support our journey, massive thanks to Red Industries, Liv and Giant Cycling, On running, Flight Centre Sports and Events, Champion Systems, Schwalbe, Spearman’s Cycles, Amanzi, Nuzest, Stages and Greepers who are all keeping Ben and I in top notch equipment, travel and nutrition to perform at our best come race day we feel extremely lucky to have a world class team around us.   We have some new b&j racing apparel arriving and a new website to be launched very soon.   As for racing Ben is competing in the Xterra Asian tour (Saipan, Phuket, Philippines, Malaysia) and I will join him for the last 2 races in the Philippines and Langkawi which is the Asia Pacific Championships.  I’m also very excited to race Xterra New Zealand next weekend where I will join 3 of our b&jracing athletes to take on one of the best races in the world, if you haven’t yet been the Rotorua trails are out of this world.   Look out for our new website very soon       Love Jacqui Allen ; )   fb-bj-logo
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A big update from the half way point of 2016

beautiful Valle Du Joux

The beautiful Valle Du Joux


Quite a lot has happened since my last blog as usual plenty of ups and downs but overall my most successful start to the season, the huge block of training, minimal racing and travelling during January-April has paid off and seen me through to a silver medal last weekend at the European Cross Triathlon Championships.

I can honestly say this has been the first time since leaving Australia 2months ago that I’ve had any time to myself to reflect on what’s been a hectic year already. I’m fully enjoying my coaching work but I’m still getting used to life on the road as a professional athlete with a job in toe. A few things have certainly had to change and I’m finally feeling I can mange the extra workload with help & support from my partner in crime and husband to be.

QLD Cross Championships and Xterra Asia Pacific Champs – April 2016

I’m going to backtrack a little to April where I felt the fittest and most confident I’ve ever been. I raced the final round of the Trex-Tri series and won the QLD state championships therefor winning the series. Most importantly I was in great form heading into my target race Xterra APAC. I made it clear to everyone I was here to win there was nothing more I could have done my prep was spot on, I knew the course better than anyone else and the race was mine to lose. Wow this was a whole new Jacqui actually believing I could win a race and telling people about it, it was in a whole new territory. Despite coming down with a sore throat a few days before I was more than ready to rock and roll I was up for it and ready to lay it all on the line in front of family, friends, local supporters and the Xterra TV crew : ) The swim was shortened a little and we swam with the current but I went for it from the word go and lead from the gun, I rode the bike course alone for 35kms and was running strong at 8km until BOOM I heard the motor bike behind and knew I was being reeled in by my competition my heart sunk they were here what was I going to do I had nothing else to give, I fought hard and ran with Lizzie for the next 1km until she gave me a few words of encouragement and took off with ease to take the win with a fantastic performance, not long after the fresh legged Carina breezed past and I had no response I wanted to scream at the top of my voice, in my eyes not winning that race was everything I crossed the finish line in 3rd fell to the ground and cried for what felt like an eternity. I then continued to cry for the next week or so no one could say anything to make me feel better, id given my all and it wasn’t enough to take the Gold medal I had to except that and move on.

“a very wise man AKA Simon Marshall said to me that in every defeat there was a victory” and look what happened next…


Xterra Malaysia



After emotionally putting myself back together with the help of friends and family I went onto race Xterra Malaysia again against a strong field of girls who had all finished ahead of me in my last few races, I felt like an under dog the best I could do was 4th, no pressure maybe I could use a different game plan???? I went in relaxed to me my A race had been and gone and I had nothing to lose and wanted to enjoy the experience after all I feel very fortunate to be in this position. I crossed the finish line 8 minutes ahead of my nearest competitor and had a super race it almost felt like I breezed around the course and everything came natural, obviously crossing the line in 1st place I was elated but to be honest I would have gave that victory back to have won Xterra APAC but it wasn’t meant to be, sport is sport and that’s why we race each other.

At the very top level there really isn’t much difference in athlete ability’s everyone prepares to the best of their ability and who ever feels best on that day will take the W.

Winning isn’t everything and if you give your all on that day then that’s all anyone can ask for.


our step sisters wedding, me, Dad and brother Ben

Our step sisters wedding, me, Dad and brother Ben


I’ve spent the last 2 months at home in the UK moving from place to place living with different family members & in hotels really not an ideal situation for an athlete but I made the best of it and ultimately I wanted to spend time with my family and friends. I certainly over indulged ate great food, drank at little wine and had a few late nights. The cold and nasty weather in the UK sometimes got the best of me but I made the most of my training sessions just enough to keep me in the game for Xterra Swiss.

ETU World Cross Triathlon Champs – Valle du Joux, Switzerland


I love being in Europe whenever I’m asked the question where in the world would you like to live I always reply “if I had the money I would live in, Switzerland’ They are intelligent people, love the outdoors both winter and summer, eat fresh healthy food and have sports facilities galore it’s athlete paradise come rain or shine but I does come at a cost. Ben and I headed off to the Valle de Joux with our good friend and assigned soigneur in tow. Ian was here to assist Ben and I to perform at our very best for ETU Cross Champs and Xterra France him being here has enabled us to recover much quicker, focus on racing and training whilst Ian does all the other stuff like packing the car, bike servicing, cleaning, cooking, massage and many other things. He’s one of the best masseurs I know and to get a massage every day after training could be the difference between getting on that podium and not.  He’s also keeps things fun and light hearted this really takes the pressure of leading up to the big day!  Thanks so much Ian your help and support has been invaluable to Ben and I.


               Ian & I with the silver medal ; )


Ian packing the car


      My best friend, husband to be and my rock

I went into Swiss super chilled with no expectation at all I was happy to be with my boy in this stunning country and didn’t think too much into the race. I was certainly feeling well rested as training had been limited however sometimes less can be more and I was able to pull off a solid race and finish 2nd in the most horrendous conditions I’ve ever experienced.  It was an exciting finish with places 2,3,4th finishing within 5 seconds of each other. I couldn’t quite believe I held my own on the run leg and dug deep when I was hurting to claim a silver medal this is something I’m most proud of as it shows exactly that my training has paid off.

I was over joyed with the result and will treasure this medal for the rest of my life. Medals don’t come round all that often and I’ve learnt to appreciate all the effort that goes into this tiny circle you hang around your neck, it’s been 5 years of hard work.



Name, NAT




Michelle Flipo, FRA




Jacqui Slack, GBR




Myriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA




Renata Bucher, SUI




Ladina Buss, SUI




Brigitta Poor, HUN




Carina Wasle, AUT




Coralie Redelsperger, FRA




Morgane Riou, FRA




Louise Fox, GBR




Maud Golsteyn, NED




Jessica Roberts, GBR




Monica Cibin, ITA




Elisabetta Curridori, ITA




Kara LaPoint, USA



Thank you so much to everyone out there that follows and supports my journey I couldn’t do it with out the help from sponsors, family and friends.



Red Industries, On Running, Liv Cycling Australia, Flight Centre Active Travel, Power Bar UK, Champion Systems, Amanzi, Schwalbe, Scicon, Xterra Wetsuits and Greepers.

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