photo-4Finally I had the performance I knew was really in me.
I finished 2nd at Xterra Czech and had my best performance on the European Tour this year.  My swim was pretty average for me but my bike and run were back to the standard they have been.  I had a good all round performance finishing 2nd behind Katrin Muller and in 3rd was Elenor Erbanova. I was 2nd out of the water and held the position all through the race.  The course was very challenging as are all Xterra’s but I felt very strong and feel that over the next few races my performances will improve.  Massive congrats to everyone that finished its great to see so many strong ladies racing Xterra.  A few years back the ladies would finish quite far apart but now the time gaps have closed and there are many ladies on the circuit fighting for podium positions.Jacqui
Back in June I made a decision with my coach to miss a few European Xterra races which were on my schedule.  It’s always hard for me to decide not to race because I love it and I want to be there representing my sponsors as much as possible but mentally I was tired.  This is why I feel its important to have a coach because they can often take the pressure off and make these decision for you.  There were a couple of reasons for this but mostly I needed to get the fire back into my belly.  Training has actually been going really wel, I’ve taken the plunge and started to be much more accurate with my sessions.  This only meant one thing TESTING consisting of watt bike tests and 5k run time trials. I hate been tested I never thought it got the best out of me but now I’ve seen a different angel and I’m totally looking forward to the next one. I also know what I have to do to be the best and yep it’s going to take a while and I lot more hard work but I know what I have to do to achieve this and patience is the key.  As a result of the testing this has enabled me to be more realistic with my targets and I now go into races much more relaxed ultimately performing better and being more satisfied with the end result.
So this coming weekend will be the big one ITU World Cross Championships with the biggest and strongest female elite field ever assembled.  A number of strong talented women will line up at 2.15pm here at the ‘O see’ in Zittau to fight for the ITU World Title.  Some of the women I’m expecting to be up their Flora Duffy (BEM), Katrin Muller (GER), Chantel Widney (CAN), Emma Gerrad (USA), Helena Erbanova (CZH) Carina Walse (AUT) and Erin Densham (AUS) I looking forward to a close race…see you there!

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Three races in two days…12th & 13th July

This weekend I decided to go back a few years where my elite triathlon career started…short sharp racing with heats and finals!
Showing off my Champion System race suit with my old friend Rachel…just like the old days ay Rach!

Showing off my Champion System race suit with my old friend Rachel…just like the old days ay Rach!

Day 1 was the Jenson Button triathlon set in the stunning grounds of Luton Hoo Spa Resort. I’d heard great things from other athletes about this race so whilst in England I took the opportunity to have a go. The race format was heats & finals with the fastest 25 females from both heats qualifying for the final which was 2 hours later.  I can’t begin to tell you how nervous I was as I’ve not raced like this for a number of years now not to mention my lack of training and racing on the road bike. During the heat I was able to get the feel of the fast racing and I qualified for the final in 5th position out of the 2 heats. The final was on and many girls stepped up their game from the heat which was expected.  It was full on from the work go I couldn’t quite match the pace of the top girls but I hung on in there for 7th place which was pretty good amongst a field of world champions, com games athletes and some speedy juniors. With limited specific training I was able to hold my own I very much enjoyed this format of racing It was a super training session and a fun packed day for all involved I would defiantly recommend this event as a great day out for all the family. Congrats to Emma Pallent and Will Clarke who won the finals. It was now time to recover and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.  Thanks to Lurbel precision compression and Power bar UK for assisting in my recovery and preparing me for the next day.July Blog 2 I had a good solid swim which left me exiting the water in 4th position I worked hard initially trying to establish a gap but the girls came together and I think there were about 11 of us in the group with all the main contenders locked in. I took the lead a lot no one wanted to expend their energy and all were happy to sit in an allow it to come down to a fast 5k run. If I had not stepped up I think the group would have stopped, from a tactics point of view it was not the right thing to do but I’m so used to racing hard that for me I would have ran no different with fresh legs.   I wish I could say I made a break but i’m not strong enough ATM and their were stronger riders in the bunch who bridged the gaps with ease. There was no need for them to waste their energy so I can see why they were happy to just sit in. I ran ok and finished in 7th (again) all in all a fab weekend of racing it also make me realise that having been out of this kind of racing for a few years I could still be in the mix and maybe with some specific training things would have been different. My swim was strong enough to make front pack (with a little help from my Xterra wettie) and I was in the mix #happy July Blog 3More impressive was all the women that took part  in the triathlon as a personal challenge and also fund raising for a charity that comes close to everyone’s hearts I was very lucky to be involved in something so special. I also saw plenty of Liv/Giant bikes out there please ladies if you are looking for some great value for money female bikes or even top of the race female specific bikes take a look at July Blog 4what’s on offer from Liv/Giant they have a substantive range designed especially for women. They are by far the most comfortable bikes I’ve ever used, they also come in awesome colours and are super fast check them out http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-au/livgiant/ As always thank you to my dream givers On Running, Liv/Giant Bikes, Flight Centre active travel, Xterra Wetsuits, Amanzi Swimwear, Alaska Milk, Powerbar, Ryder Eyewear, Schwalbe, Scicon, Champions Systems, Lurbel Performance apparel and Greepers.

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