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I was going into this race taking a lot of confidence from my race in Rotorua the ladies field was small but Carnia Walse always brings her game face and I knew the race would be on with b&jracing’s very own Penny Slater having an outside chance of top step you just never know what will happen at this race.   The course was horrendous there were around 5 hike a bike sections on each lap of the 20k bike course 2 laps in total, the terrain was natural and rocky which I love but this was a little too natural for my liking with very high risk of serious injury or mechanical, anyway it is the same for everyone you just need a little luck on the day and to keep moving forward, it was far more similar to an adventure race than an Xterra off road triathlon.   The swim was fine for me I didn’t feel amazing but can generally get though the swim feeling relatively fresh, as I hopped on the bike I passed Jessica who exited around 20’s ahead of me. The plan was to start easy and build into the race, it was going to be a 2hour 30 minute plus bike leg so I wasn’t in a rush to burn any matches early on, the focus was nutrition and hydration. A few km’s in a couple of the pro guys caught me and I knew something was wrong, I started to shake and feel very cold at 41 degrees Celsius this was not good, I also noticed I wasn’t sweating much, I drank plenty and even raced with a camel back to prevent dehydration, I considered stopping at 7kms in but told myself to keep pushing its hard for everyone so suck it up, I rode super slow I hardly had the energy to turn the pedals let alone push, I got to the half way point and only Carina had passed me she was still in my sights and I didn’t want to give in so I continued. Coming into T2 I wasnt really sure how I made it there but sat down for a couple of minutes to put my shoe’s on, I’ve never ever needed to sit down in transition before. I walked out of T2 and tried to jog a little, then I walked, I got to the hill stopped and started to walk back, I then throught no you must go so I walked up the first hill, I then came back and waited a while I was trying to prosess what was going on I guess. The marshall was so supportive and trying to encoarge me to go I was still in 2nd place. Penny then came past as I was heading back to T2 we were able to swap words of encoragment. The marshall walked me back down the hill, I desperalty needed shade, I then passed out and found myself in the ambulance. They used oxygen and an IV drip to hydrate me, I stared to come round and did my best to pull myself together,  I was completely exhausted and slept for the remaider of the afternoon & evening.   No matter how much you try to prevent these things from happening sometimes they just happen and its out of your control the competitor in me wanted to carry on but there was no way I would have made it round the run and possibly could have done further damage.   All is fine now so proud of my hubby for toughing out the race to finish 4th after 3 flats, Penny Slater for 2nd pro female and Kezza Muir for her age group win and a qualification to Maui. Obviously i’m so disappointed and a little humiliated with how my race ended but you need to get over it and move on, there’s so much more to life than one race there will be other’s.  Thank you so much to everyone for the kind words.   See you next time   J x

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Xterra New Zealand

Xterra Rotorua Race Report   It feels like a long time since I’ve enjoyed training so much. I’ve found a good balance of being able to work, enjoy life and train, I also love being in Wollongong and consider this home.   I’ve not raced a triathlon since November and really had no idea how my first off road triathlon of the year would go. I knew I would feel a little ropey but I was confident my numbers in training had improved and that was my key focus. Weather it would transfer into racing, there was only one way to find out.   Rotorua turned on a stunning day in fact it was perfect for racing and the course was mint.   I got bashed around a fair bit in the mass swim start but pulled a few places back in the last 400meters and still exited in 2nd, after 1k into the bike I took over the lead lady. I was riding well and my skills in the MTB bike have improved a lot over the summer so the Xterra Rotorua course was right up my street. I came off the bike in the lead and ran my first lap conserving a little energy at the half way point I thought I was been chased down so with 4kms to go I put the hammer down to take the win. I’m really happy with my form right now & it’s unbelievably nice to be back on the top step supporting Team Allen 😉   B&j racing athletes raced with passion as they always do Penny finished 5th in her very 1st international pro race with a little more race experience she will be right up there. Every race Madhu grow’s with confidence this lady has come from a finisher to a competitor, at the rate she’s going Mad’s will be a podium finisher in her age group.  Sonia unfortunately had a bad bike crash in training and could’nt take the start line however she loved the experience and will take a well earned break before she starts prepping for ITU Worlds.   Rotorua is just the perfect location for an Xterra race along with the fabulous set up and organisation from Frank and his team this event is truly world class. I will be back next year with my hubby.   J x

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